SourceForge, Javaforge or

Having tried out all of these within the last few months I finally reached a decision as to where to host the development of JTrac. SourceForge! was okay but slow. I was never able to do CVS operations from my company network and finally gave up trying to figure out a way to get CVS to work through the corporate firewall + NTLM authentication.

Then I discovered Subversion and there was no looking back! Finally something that would work over port 80 or 443.

Since Javaforge supported Subversion I decided to switch. Javaforge supports Java projects “natively”, even has built in Checkstyle and PMD reports. I think it also allows you to run your ant targets on a schedule. Which is probably a huge time saver for building distributions without having to upload huge binaries.

But then SourceForge announced Subversion support. The great thing about SourceForge is the excellent project statistics page. Both and JavaForge do not have anything similar to offer. Which is not surprising because and JavaForge are based on CollabNet and Intland CodeBeamer respectively – which are enterprise collaboration tools. SourceForge appears to have a clear advantage, having started out as a community tool.

Note that also announced support for Subversion recently, which is long overdue in my opinion given that Collabnet are practically the creators of Subversion.

One of the most exciting things about being part of an Open Source project is seeing the number of hits on the project site and especially the number of downloads. It constantly surprises me to see CB2XML maintaining a healthy “Activity Percentile”. Hope the people downloading it found it useful…


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