Microsoft in trouble?

Just had to join a significant part of the blogosphere in linking to this post Abandon Vista. We don’t need another desktop OS

Basically, the thread gets down to the fact that Vista is a bloated product and Microsoft has become a bloated company, with one staffer comparing what M$ has become to the old Big Bloated Bluey.

The real problem for Microsoft is it has invested about as much money as the Gross Domestic Product of more than a few African nations in an operating system that became out-of-date about a year before it was due to ship. The simple fact is we don’t need another desktop operating system. We need an Everywhere OS

Looks like a serious PR problem for Microsoft at the very least.

Could they, could they possibly have gotten it wrong this time and Google completely right?

I also scanned through the comments on this blog post mentioned in the above piece. If these are authentic, they may make some of the “fire” projects you may have encountered appear tame by comparison.


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