SOA is too complex and ‘just vendor BS’

…and don’t flame me :) – those are the words of Tim Bray.

“What do you think we should do about SOA?” Which weirdly, nobody had asked me before, and I could find only one answer: “Don’t do anything. ‘SOA’ may have meant something once but it’s just vendor bulls*** now.”



3 Responses to SOA is too complex and ‘just vendor BS’

  1. madhugr says:

    Are there any case-studies available which shows SOA works? Not that I have heard of. I wouldnt say that it works, just as of now!!! But thats probably just me…

  2. mallya says:

    Confirms whatever I had heard about SOA – Super Outsized Apparition, Stinking Olfactory Assault :)

  3. timjowers says:

    The two big ideas are to remove access to a database and to expose a well-known way to access data and execution. If you have but one database and simple security then forget SOA as it will just add sloth and work. If you have Mainframe databases, MQ’s, and other legacy then SOA is a way to open up to Java, Python, and Flash. Web Services that is.

    SOA as a software architecture is an anti-architecture. Web Services and XML do not perform acceptably so Web Services make sense only for very large grain distributed calls. Of course you can throw in caches and all to try to alleviate. Security almost always ends up being tied to one or more db comlumns for a given important table for any large and complex system so the big idea of AOP of having security external to the class is just folderol. In the end, real applications have real requirements and a wide paintbrush cannot paint the needed detail. Its a good started to lay on the broad strokes of security. As to transactions, these are [almost] always tied to the RDBMS. SOA transactions and security are challenges and often ad hoc. SOA is an immature distributed framework but being improved constantly.

    In the end, SOA is a simple and well-known but low performance and immature way to publish functionality to other departments and companies.

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