Gartner drops SOA, finds Web 2.0

Picking this up from ZDNet, looks like Gartner is starting to disown SOA. Must be the ‘Trough of Disillusionment’ right on schedule :)

This is a nice read as well:

Interestingly enough I notice that SOA isn’t mentioned anywhere in the article however Web 2.0 is:

Operate All Revenue Generating Channels in a Web 2.0 Architecture by 2008. Enterprise architects must act as catalysts that speed the formation of unified business technology strategies and their execution. The enterprise architecture process must shift gears from limiting complexity by limiting choices to accelerating innovation and execution by coordinating complexity through unified business and IT strategy, decentralized execution and loose coupling among all related stakeholder disciplines.

I have read this a couple of times and have no idea what it means but then I suspect neither did the author.



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