SourceForge having problems again?

Back after a break after attending SpringOne in Belgium and a spot of travel, a company conference etc.

Yesterday noticed that the support forums for JTrac have disappeared. Yikes! Promptly raised a support request on SourceForge.

Today morning, all the SourceForge summary, stats and admin pages were down for a while. Now it is up but the forums are still not there. Fortunately the project web-site and Subversion access have been working all along.
From the “browse support requests” area on SourceForge, it looks like I am not alone. There are folks raising all kinds of scary problems! “My Account Disappeared!”, ” URGENT! Developers removed from project”, etc.

It would be nice if the guys release a mailer or mention something on their blog or the site news page, but nothing so far. I remember a lot of ranting recently about a CVS outage on SourceForge, what is going on?

[Update 2006-06-30: the forums are back *phew* but other things are down intermittently like the stats page. Subversion is fine which is the most important thing I guess.]


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