Welcome to Asia!

I’m in Istanbul! It’s travel time again for me after a long time. Last month it was Belgium – and now here I am in Istanbul. The hotel has free wi-fi. Yippee!

This is probably the most interesting place I’ve been. I take a ferry boat from Europe to Asia to work every day. The first day, when we took a taxi to the office, we crossed the magnificent Bosphorus Bridge and I saw this sign on the right, as soon as we crossed.

That’s right, a “Welcome to Asia” sign. When I joked about this during lunch, my colleagues did not believe me, neither did a couple of folks from the local office. So I’m quite proud of myself for having pulled off this snap two days later from a moving taxi, I had to get the timing just right you see!

Here’s another nice picture – all taken off my mobile, I forgot to bring a digital camera this time. This is an annual long-distance yachting competition kicking off on the Bosphorus. I was at a sea-food restaurant along with the local office folks and this was a splendid sight as the boats came into view.

Here are all my photos so far.


5 Responses to Welcome to Asia!

  1. Wiggy says:

    Love the photo with all the boats. Hope you’re taking in lots of the sights. I’d love to be able to travel! :)

  2. deepak says:

    Where’s the “Welcome to Europe” photo? ;-P
    Classic example of continent hopping – you lucky #%%$&%#

  3. madhugr says:

    Good pictures…Next time, take your digicam along ;)

  4. carlo-44 says:

    I definitely believe that Turkey, particularly Istanbul is one of the most interesting places in the world. It is rich in culture and history. I would also like to mention that the last EUFA Champions League was held here.

  5. Liz&Jose says:

    excelent work. do more next time

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