Maven2 site-deploy: now that’s a useful plugin

I’m not a great fan of Maven2 and some time back I wrote my own plugin to escape from the “Maven way” of doing things (think build life cycle phases) and do most of my build automation in Ant. One question I get asked a lot is why not use Ivy – if I’m going to use Maven2 only for downloading the right jar dependencies.

Here’s the thing, Maven2 is undoubtedly good at some things and one great example is the Maven site generation support. One thing that blew me away is the “site-deploy” goal which once configured correctly can open an scp connection to say your SourceForge htdocs location, locally zip up the html files, transfer the payload and then unzip the documentation, deleting the zip file remotely once done. Even a Maven2 skeptic like me had to sit back and say: wow! Using the Maven2 directory structure does have some payoffs.


2 Responses to Maven2 site-deploy: now that’s a useful plugin

  1. Tomzi says:


    Have you thought of creating a Netbeans Module for maven extension and publishing it to – that would make integration into netbeans waaaaay more comfortable.
    By opensourcing it to or people could even extend and improve the code, if you don’t have much time to do it yourself :)

    I tink your solution to integrate maven support in the current build process is a lot user friendlier than mevenide’s way

    Keep going :)

  2. Peter Thomas says:

    Hi Tomzi,

    Thanks for the positive feedback, and maybe I just might have a go at this :) Learning to write a NetBeans module is a daunting prospect, but at least improving the Maven plugin to generate the NetBeans project descriptor files may be an option.


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