JTrac UI makeover

After migrating to Wicket I spent some time on the long pending UI makeover. And as expected, Wicket made tweaking the UI a lot easier. Here’s the obligatory before-and-after screenshot:


Ugh. What was I thinking. With that shady background image, the oh-so-retro html horizontal rule etc. – no wonder JTrac was pulled up by the style police :)


A few open-source icons and a cleaner color scheme can make a big difference.

The love-affair with Wicket is still going strong. If you are interested, you can have a look at the JSP source of the old screen and compare it with the new HTML one.

Being a somewhat complicated screen – this may be a good example. There is a fair amount of merging of table rows and columns, and a large number of submit buttons have to be handled. A bunch of javascript appears at the start of the JSP to make handling the submit buttons easier as well as a few hidden form fields at the end – all of which are gone in the Wicket version. Then there is lots and lots of JSTL – sprinklings of c:if, c:choose etc and a staggering amount of nesting in the c:forEach loops – all crying out to be done in pure Java instead.

It is worth pointing out the significant amount of logic in the JSP – for example:

<c:when test="${stateRowEntry.key == 0 && stateColEntry.key != 1}">

And this part especially looks much better in the Wicket version because I could use constants:

if(stateKeyRow == State.NEW && stateKeyCol != State.OPEN) {.

The HTML is well – just plain old HTML with wicket:id attributes. As you can imagine – it was much easier to work with this and just plug the images into the right places.

If you are working with JSF or JSP – are you envying me yet? :P


11 Responses to JTrac UI makeover

  1. Robert says:

    as one of the ones who shot down JTrac do partially to the UI, let me be the first to say nice work.

    Keep it coming as we may have to take another look at it.

  2. Lijin says:

    You done a nice work peter. Its looking g8 now.

  3. Al Maw says:

    Tried out trunk, looks promising.
    I get org.hibernate.TransientObjectException: object references an unsaved transient instance when trying to delete states, priorities, etc, and your validator for status names could do with accepting Acroymns (i.e. not strictly CamelCase).

    I’d be interested in helping out with this. I’ve written half of a Subversion browser in Wicket, if that’s of interest to you.

    Oh, and surely the project should be eating its own dog food? Where’s the jtrac installation for jtrac? ;-)

  4. Peter Thomas says:

    Thanks Al. A Subversion browser in Wicket sounds very interesting. I’ll certainly get in touch with you by mail…

    And yes I’m painfully aware of the “dog food” issue :) Need to start working out where to host it etc.

  5. Nitin says:

    I am getting some installation problems on jTrac.
    Does anybody have a troubleshoot documentation?

  6. Peter Thomas says:

    Can you try the online documentation:


    You can find a link to the discussion forums also from the JTrac home page.

  7. gauravlohiya says:

    Hi Peter,

    I have recently installed jTrac and evaluating it for using it as an incident and defect tracking system within my team of about 20 persons.

    I would like to know a few things:

    1. I do not need the “New” state for my issues, so how can I remove that?

    2. I want to make a new page which would be useful for managers showing the various issues categorised by their status like: Open, Closed, Resolved, etc.

    3. I want to make some UI related changes, please let me know the basic structure used, so that I can configure it as per my needs.


  8. Peter Thomas says:

    It would be better if you use the official JTrac forums for your queries, there would be others who would be able to answer your questions as well:


  9. Rahul_here says:

    Hay all,
    I am very much new to JTrac.Is there any way to track the bugs for different module of a single project.

  10. Peter Thomas says:

    Please see comment #8

  11. jordan says:

    i need your help….
    i am working on JTrac n i wanted to do some GUI changes please guide me through…..
    and i am beginner so i don’t know anything please help me……

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