Migrating to Apache Wicket – GIDS presentation slides

The ‘Migrating to Apache Wicket’ presentation I made at the Great Indian Developer Summit last week went off well. It was great to see the interest in Wicket, the room was full and there were quite a few questions even during the course of the session before I got to the end.

Here are the slides for your viewing pleasure. Apologies if some of the slides look cluttered because the animations I used to talk through some of the slides have been lost after converting to PDF.

Here below is one of the images I used to illustrate how a project that starts out using an action-oriented MVC framework with JSP can end up with a ‘Franken-stack’ over time. It starts innocently enough, you decide to use something extra say to enforce a common layout, then you realize you need some third party tag-libs, then security, and of course Ajax and before you know it…

What if a framework exists that can do all of this in Just Java and Just HTML? Find out more.

Hope you find the slides useful. I look forward to your feedback and suggestions on how the content can be improved. Please do comment!


9 Responses to Migrating to Apache Wicket – GIDS presentation slides

  1. Eelco Hillenius says:

    Excellent presentation Thomas! Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  2. by the way, there’s a JavaScript trick you can use (forgot exactly what it is, but it should be possible to figure it out) so that every Ajax request shows a busy indicator. If this isn’t available through some API, it might be nice to put in an RFE for it.

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  4. nitinpai says:

    Hi Peter,

    I am from India and wished to attend the developer summit, but couldn’t on account of work. I am happy that you had given a presentation on wicket. I was very impressed with the framework the first time I tried a sample in it and look forward to its establishment in the enterprise application domain. I cannot wait to work on it :)

  5. Peter Thomas says:

    @Eelco: Wow thanks! Very honestly I have taken a few points from some of your comments and rants spotted on the web, for example this one.

    @Jonathan: I think I found what you are referring to on the mailing list


    @nitinpai: Thanks!

  6. Yes, that’s it.

  7. Shivakar says:

    hi peter, i was fortunate enough to listen your session and attend the workshop that day. It indeed was great. Thanks alot for sharing the ppt, i really appreciate that.

  8. David Z says:


    Is it possible to integrate Wicket with Dojo? I feel Dojo is a great tool.

    Based on your knowledge, does the latest Wicket support both client-side and server-side user input validation (write validation rules only once)? Anything such as this in the works based on your knowledge?

    Warm regards,

  9. Denis Lutz says:

    Excellent stuff, I was looking for it. Thank you so much.

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