SpringOne 2008 Day 1

Now off to bed after the SpringOne kick-off and keynote. My, the venue is grand. Bag and goodies are nice but apparently no Rod Johnson bobblehead this time ;)

Quote as I remember it from Rod Johnson’s keynote: “No one uses Tomcat because they played golf with someone”. Hah! Take that all ye bloated app server vendors ;)

My personal (irreverent) thoughts from the keynote, just a few things I remember:

  • Theme this year: “Weapons for the War on Java Complexity”. On the swag T-shirt as well.
  • Yep, more stats and proof that Tomcat is the dominant app-server and even the other app-server deployments mostly run Spring apps. Spring world domination complete.
  • A lot on Spring WebFlow, looks that it plays a big role in the overall roadmap. Now did he actually say that he was not completely convinced that Spring WebFlow was simple enough and made complete sense until recently? Hmm. Yes, SWF syntax much simpler in 2.0 compared to 1.0. Rod Johnson stresses that SWF makes sense for guided page navigation, back button problem, opening multiple browser windows at the same time etc. Spring JavaScript
  • Talks about the Big Choice JSF vs non-JSF, compares this to Republicans vs Democrats, jokes about how ServerSide threads on JSF get hijacked by people who assert that JSF sucks. Rod does not say what he *really* feels about JSF. I will buy a beer for anyone who can tell ;)
  • Hardly any XML shown in the slides, mostly annotations. Guess I can’t avoid this stuff any more
  • In fact “admits” that the old Spring MVC was not really the “right way”. The inheritance based controllers will be deprecated in Spring 3.0. What the! Breaking news: Rod Johnson says that concrete inheritance “sucks”.
  • DM server, AMS, Oracle extensions. Lot’s of “SpringSource” stuff.
  • Aha, something new unveiled, SpringSource “tc” – Tomcat with management and enterprise features added
  • I can buy into this more than the OSGi stuff. Rod says that barrier to Tomcat usage in production is the management and enterprise / deployment features. Hmmm, probably. So you take your existing WAR and it should run on this. Not yet clear if this uses the DM server under the hood, think so.
  • Spring 3.0 will introduce REST support and some kind of an Expression Language. EL that you can embed in annotations and stuff huh!? Now that is interesting, reminds me of something I’ve seen elsewhere. Need to catch the first session tomorrow on Spring 3.0 by Juergen.

2 Responses to SpringOne 2008 Day 1

  1. Girish Ahankari says:

    Nice commentry..

    Would love to get more insight into this.

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